Ukraine fabric badge, heat transfer

We will donate four Euros from all Ukraine-themed fabric badges to the Finnish Red Cross Ukrainian Disaster Fund.

Woven iron-on badge with Walking for Ukraine text and Ukraine-themed colors. Diameter 8.5 cm. The badge is attached by ironing. The badge can be affixed, for example, to textiles, backpacks, caps or other similar products. The badge is woven, enabling precise image details and a durable surface.

Badge affixing instructions:

Required temperature / Time = 140 °C / 10 seconds

Make sure that the item you plan to affix the badge to is suitable for ironing!

1. Place the patch with the reverse side down flat onto the item you intend to affix it to.
2. Cover the patch with baking paper for protection
3. Press firmly on the top of the badge with the iron for approx. 10 seconds. The temperature of the iron should be approx. 140 °C.

See an example on Youtube: